Open safely with SENTRY

SENTRY (Safe Entry) is the easiest way to empower your community to self-report before safely arriving on-site each day.


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Open or re-open safely with SENTRY

SENTRY (Safe Entry) is the easiest way to empower your employees or students to self-report before safely arriving on-site each day.

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As many questions as needed, Check in feature available, Many different ways to use. Small monthly or annual charge for organizations.



Integrated with PunchAlert

SENTRY is directly integrated with the PunchAlert platform and apps. It can be utilized by organizations.

Available as an app

Offered directly on the Apple app store and the Google Play store, SENTRY is a dedicated app just for surveys and status checks.

Available on the web

No smartphone? No problem. SENTRY is offered via the web with an intuitive interface that works in all up to date browsers.

How it works

Key Features

Customizable Questions

Each organization can set their own questions with expected answers.

Pass Issuance

Upon successful completion of a survey, a pass is generated immediately.

Direct Reporting

Each survey submitted is collated into daily reports.

Selfie Validation

At the end of each survey, a selfie is requested for submission validation.

Multiple Organizations

If you are a part of multiple organizations that are using SENTRY, all passes can be stored in the app or on the web.

Medium Awareness

With SENTRY being available on the web and as a standalone app, we provide low barrier to use for everyone.


SENTRY scales with your organization, whether it is an enteprise with 150 locations and 100,000 users or one restaurant with a handful of employees.

Status Board

Included with SENTRY is a feature that turns the pass into a check in/out process that is presented on a status board.

...and even more

Frequent updates

SENTRY becomes better every month. We love the service and enhance it as much as possible.

Active community

Our community grows day by day. Visit and check how it is to be a part of our family.


Designed from the ground up to be used in a mobile world.

Technical support

We care about reliability and user experience. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.